from $4900
4 clients
subject to the sale of the SC.VIP tariff
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Premium mobile communications
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About Us

– is an international telecom operator that provides exclusive premium and secure communication services in GSM and IP-telephony networks.

Since 2014, we have been creating and implementing products for secure communication among private and corporate clients. Our team has extensive experience in the field of GSM communications, IP telephony, cyber security, protection of SS7 networks and mobile devices.

  • head office in Cyprus
  • We are available worldwide
  • international licenses
Our product

– is a premium cellular service. Unlimited calls and protection of the worldwide. Special status and endless possibilities.

We create comprehensive protection at the operator (SIM card) and hardware level (smartphone).





SIM card

operator-level protection


hardware-level protection


We offer you to become a SafeCalls representative in your location.

We introduce technologies, teach and support the launch.

We know how to make a business that brings stable profits across the network. We have automated many processes: from  sales to customer support.

Launch time:
2-4 weeks
from $4900
4 clients
subject to sale tariff SC.VIP
from $99
per sale
The partner gets:
  • discount on all SafeCalls products
  • access to the partner's personal account
  • passive income from  renewal of tariffs
  • technical support for subscribers
  • the possibility of consolidating the territory
  • redirection of territorial clients and partners
  • assistance in consulting and sales
  • free products for demonstration