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About Us

SC Telecom is an international telecom operator that provides exclusive products for anonymous and secure communication in GSM and IP-telephony networks. We develop high-performance telecommunication solutions for secure communication.

The company's head office is located in Cyprus, but we are available all over the world.

Over the 6 years of successful work in the telecommunications market, our team has gained extensive experience in the field of GSM communications, IP-telephony, cybersecurity, protection of SS7 networks and mobile devices.

Vulnerability Check

Let us check your SIM card for vulnerability
Allows between 8 and 15 digits
After SMS confirmation, within a few seconds you will get an SMS message with the results and a call from a swapped number
After request is successfully confirmed, within a few seconds you will get a call from a swapped number and hear a voice greeting.
+357 (99) 999-999 Incoming call


100% ready
Secure GSM Network
Premium mobile communications (GSM) for secure calls over the world
100% ready
Secure Telegram bot
Smart solution for safe communication. Calls around the world
100% ready
Secure Voice over IP
Encrypted IP telephony for secure calls. Voice calls are encrypted using TLS / SRTP standards
20% ready
Secure IoT
A secure IoT SIM card for a global cell network with easy activation, transparent pricing, and developer-friendly tools
53% ready
Crypto SIM-card
Secure communications for the crypto world. Payment by cryptocurrency. Recovery only through the SEED phrase
44% ready
Secure Smartphone
Protect your data. For secure calls and anonymous work on the Internet. Powered by SafeCallsOS
For more info, please read our Whitepaper


  • Registration of SC Telecom company (2014)
  • Development and launch of a secure GSM network (SIM-card) (2015)
  • Development and launch of a secure IP-telephony (VoIP) (2016)
  • Development of a SIP gateway for secure calls via Telegram bot (2017)
  • Release of secure SafeCallsOS-based smartphone (2018)
  • Released on token IBS Ethereum platform (ERC20)
  • We started developing the blockchain
  • Token integration with SC Telecom products
  • Crowdsale for development of Irbis Network
To be done:
  • Launching a decentralized telecommunications network (2021)
  • Software Development for Node Holders (2021)
  • API development for telecom providers and developers (2022)
  • Development of dApps (calls, Internet, SMS, DID, token wallet)(2022)

Irbis Network is ...

A decentralized telecommunications network. Irbis Network will be able to connect telecom operators, manufacturers and suppliers of telecom equipment, owners of network nodes, developers and users from around the world.

Each and every telecom service today is vulnerable. It can be easily attacked or censored, which deprives users of their inherit privacy rights.

Our mission is to increase the security of telecommunications and at the same time develop a transparent, autonomous and decentralized routing system through the community.


It is a multi-purpose tool and it creates a viable business model for the telecommunications industry.

The IBS token is the internal currency of the entire Irbis Network ecosystem.

Using a token, a subscriber pays for telecom services, telecom operators receive instant payment for the provided traffic, node owners receive tokens for the provided gateways, third-party telecom product developers will pay for the launch of their products in IBS tokens, and token holders will be able to vote for new products, receive exclusive access to special products and receive rewards in tokens for participating in the development of the Irbis Network.

Crowdsale Distribution

60,000,000 IBS -
reserve fund, team and more
40,000,000 IBS -
channelled to Crowdsale
30,000,000 IBS
Lockup #1 (unlocks on Jan 1, 2020) 30%
30,000,000 IBS
Lockup #2 (unlocks on July 14, 2020) 30%
Software Development
Blockchain Development
Equipment & Infrastructure
General & Administrative
Legal & Compliance
  • 15%
    Software Development
  • 30%
    Blockchain Development
  • 15%
    Equipment & Infrastructure
  • 20%
    General & Administrative
  • 10%
    Legal & Compliance
  • 10%


Petr Malyukov
IT entrepreneur and innovator at heart. For more than 13 years, he has been creating products in the field of telecommunications, AI and blockchain. In 2014, he launched a company that finds and removes vulnerabilities in GSM and VoIP networks.
  • It only work with large-scale projects with a market volume of more than $50 billion per annum.

There are more than
15 specialists from different areas in our team:

Jackie W.

Cybersecurity Engineer

Vadim F.

Software Engineer

Stanislav B.

OS Developer

Anatoly O.

Cryptographic Engineer

Shikhar M.

Backend Developer

Alexander M.

Frontend Developer

Mark H.

Database Administrator

Jooseok Y.

Backend Developer

Yunsu K.

Mobile Developer

Sergey M.

Hardware Engineer

Kirill G.

Blockchain Developer

Manish F.

Voice Calls Developer

Kristian V.

Marketing Manager

Anastasia K.

UI/UX Designer

Vinay D.

Backend Developer

Valeria T.

SMM Manager

Fillip E.

PR Manager

Tao Y.

QA Engineer


Young K Choe

K Choe


Young Choe is Advisor to many blockchain projects including Evens, EOS Chrome, EcoStart, Mix.Rent, BeWELL, EdenChain, AmbleX, Platinum Q DAO, Boltt Protocol, GBC Korea, Davinci Foundation, etc. He was Co-Founder and President/CTO of Color Platform – a fourth generation blockchain platform empowered with SoC.

He is an editor of “Blockchain Today” magazine.  Young is an Expert at ICObench - a global ICO rating platform - and a Director to OSSF(Open Source Software Foundation).  He is Adjunct Professor at Yonsei University in Korea.

He is a software and blockchain professional, an executive, and a professor having broad experiences from development to top management, from theories to practices at various global companies and organizations including NVIDIA, Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix, North Carolina State University, BMC Software, Sungkyunkwan University, 3Ksoftware, KBIPA (Korea Blockchain Industry Promotion Association), and CE Linux Forum. He has expertise in software engineering, compiler and language technology, cryptography, and blockchain.

He holds advanced degrees in computer science from North Carolina State University and is a member of Executive Blockchain Program at Draper University in California. He has also experience in crypto-investment, M&A, Revised ICO/IEO, Reverse-ICO’s.

Young currently leads a crypto-finance & cybersecurity company (3KFinance) as CSO and a Blockchain/AI/DeFi/Cryptocurrency company (Crypto Valley Lab, Inc.) as CEO & Founder.

Bradley Townsend



Bradley is a sales and business development professional with a strong passion for blockchain technology. Co-founder and Director of Latitude Blockchain Services Bradley has built strong relationships throughout the industry and has helped multiple companies assisting them in business dev, Community Management and IEO introductions.

Zach Daniels



Zach Daniels is a network engineer with over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. Zach’s expertise in security, networking and architecture provides a strategic approach to growth and value creation within the blockchain industry. He has worked and advised on multiple projects in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, and regularly speaks around the world regarding the practical applications of the technology, as well as advises startups on business and ICO strategy. His passions consist of developing business strategies within the tech industry, as well as serving as a community advocate for computer security, blockchain technology & cryptocurrency, and educating individuals on wealth creation through the trading and investing of digital assets.

Mikhail Zhukov



Member of the Board in Russia - Hong Kong Business Association.

Mikhail is one of pioneers of Chinese-Russian business, who saw its potential back in the 90s.

Serial entrepreneur, he has business connections and personal relationships with many chinese businessmen, top managers of state owned corporations and officials.

Mikhail is an expert of trade and customs regulations, legal and financial system, government structure of China. He has expertise in chinese SMM: Wechat activities, PR and Chinese Media.

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